Install AppImage on your Linux System

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On a Linux distribution, you install new software with the help of package managers like Apt and Yum. This keeps everything neat and all files are tracked by the package manager, which can be easily deleted if you desire. But this also helps to avoid potential problems when you upgrade the distribution.

When the Linux distribution doesn’t have the software you need or some software may be too old, sometimes you need to resort to alternatives solutions like an AppImage.

In this post, you will learn about AppImages and how to use these files on a Linux machine.

What is AppImage?

On Windows…

Write cleaner and programmer-friendly code with javascript pure functions

As a developer, you need to write code that is cleaner and readable. Functional programming is a paradigm that will help you achieve this status. Pure functions are the atomic building blocks in functional programming. They are worshipped for their simplicity and testability. But what does “pure function” mean?

According to JS guru — Eric Elliot;

Functional programming (often abbreviated FP) is the process of building software by composing pure functions, avoiding shared state, mutable data, and side effects. Functional programming is declarative rather than imperative, and the application state flows through pure functions. …

Learn the difference between primitive and reference data types in Javascript.

Photo by Academind

As a developer, they might ask if you understand the difference between primitive and reference data types. Primitive data types can store information as a slot in memory (memory address) while reference data types store a reference to a slot in memory.

Let’s have a closer look at javascript primitive and reference data types to understand it better.

Primitive data types

Primitive data types are booleans, numbers, strings, null, undefined, and symbols. When you set a variable with a primitive type the variable is that exact value. If you change the value, the variable simply becomes a new value.

When we write a…

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